Degree show work....... Nothing is lost ..... Nothing is past

Collaborative work - cross discipline at Manchester School of Art
Connections of the park 
As a collaborative group we have made a selection of products designed for The Whitworth Art Gallery Shop. The Whitworth gallery and the natural surroundings of the park were our inspiration, seeing the park awaken from its winter slumber was the starting point of our design journey. Influenced by the intrinsic beauty of nature with the architecture of the Whitworth; reflecting upon the tranquil atmosphere within the open galleries and seamlessly connecting the ethos of inside outside to celebrate the birth of the new season. 
Our group consisted of students from varied disciplines and we able to combine new aspects from these within our work. Each piece of work is connected to another within the group, linking us all back to the Whitworth and using the spring colour’s as our palette. 
Whatever the weather the park is always there and waiting for us, like an expectant mother, welcoming us back, ready to reveal something new.

Ceramic shards
Fired 3 times - bisque, oxide & glaze and the transfer firing
Selection of my own photos from my usual unusual haunts - inspired by commemorative plaques in Whitby and the poem by Henry Scott Holland
The torn edges of the paper porcelain represent our feelings of loss following a death
Nothing is Past
Nothing is Lost 
Only a heartbeat away

Miss T Design

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